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Building a Culture that Ensures Your Company’s Success

Entrepreneurs often overlook company culture during their first weeks in business. While many prioritize other aspects of their business, they risk sacrificing a potential differentiator. A company’s culture is vital to securing a good reputation, encouraging employee loyalty, and fostering … Continue reading

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Six Ways to Help Your Marketing Team Delivers Results

Because marketing teams do not produce traditional widgets, a truly great marketing team will be extremely diverse. Ideally, marketing teams leverage data to come up with concepts that deliver results — revenue, users, subscribers, customer experience and more. They use words and visuals in select mediums to encourage desired actions. This requires that the team have strengths in analytics, creative design, content development, project management, marketing communications and cross-functional leadership. Managing such a diverse team can be a challenge, but surprisingly, it is not too different than managing other groups of people. Continue reading

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