Weekly Roundup: Joining a Startup, Staying Lean, Thought Leadership and more!

Weekly RoundupAs you know, we share two of our favorite articles and blog posts each day.  For those of you who do not have time to read each of them, we have compiled the top 5 articles that have been shared the most:

1. Small, Young, Cash Strapped and Lean? Good.  http://ow.ly/2ZlZsb  via Brady Josephson of Huffington Post

2. How To Create A Thought Leadership Strategy That Supports True Innovation http://ow.ly/2Z716T via SAP

3. 5 Things Every Startup Should Know About Hiring http://ow.ly/2ZlZs9 via Carlo Cisco of Tech.co

4. Why I Left a Big Tech Company for a Small Startup http://ow.ly/2Z717j via Adrienne Wiessman

5. Building a Culture that Ensures Your Company’s Success http://ow.ly/NJTrV  via Trailblaze Growth Advisors

What was your favorite?


About Christine Alemany

Christine is a marketing executive that has managed global P&Ls and developed metrics-driven strategies and methodologies on leadership teams at both Fortune 500 and startups alike. She has a broad range of experience implementing integrated campaigns and launching products across consumer, SMB and enterprise markets. Visit http://www.tbga.co to learn more about her company, Trailblaze Growth Advisors.
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